Saturday, June 8, 2013


Can I mention just one more time how much I love Paris...and I think the love is mutual!  How else can I interpret the way my "cafe creme" was served this morning?!  We ordered the 2 coffees and 1 croissant (poor gluten Free Gary...I feel so guilty eating them in front of him...but not quite guilty enough to NOT eat them in front of him!)  Anyway, my coffee had a nice little heart in the foam on the top - and this is not one of those "fancy-schmantzy" coffee places that practices making hearts and other designs intentionally in the foam...Gary's was just plain, and mine clearly had a message for me - it was saying "Paris loves Kathy right back!"

 I thought it might be fun to show you what our apartment looks like.  I wish I had thought to take pictures BEFORE we exploded all over the apartment!
This is looking from our bedroom back toward the entryway.

And this is looking out the huge 4 meter high windows out onto the courtyard.

This is the bedroom complete with super comfy European king size bed which is more like a queen...maybe a little bigger.

This is standing in the entryway looking toward the bedroom...aren't those windows awesome?!  I wish I played the has headphones tht plug into it so you can play and not drive your neighbors crazy...all the sound can be fed through the headphones and none comes out of the actual piano!  (or you can play it the regular way of course.

This is the courtyard and you can see Gary walking toward the front door that opens onto rue Saints Peres.  Our apartment is on the 2nd floor  (3rd floor if you are counting American-style)  above the cars on the left side of the photo.

And Gary is now at the front door lookiing back at me.  It is the super typical Parisian door that you open one side if you are just walking in, but if you need to drive your car in to park, you open both doors.  It is so great because the courtyard is so nice and quiet.  The place has a very modern bathroom with a shower, and a super cute and effficient kitchen complete with a small little washier/dryer combo.  It looks like a small front loader washer, but the clothes just stay in and then you change the settings and it proceeds to dry the clothes...and it is so much quieter than either my washer or dryer at home...I love this machine! 

And I love Paris...and Paris loves me back!

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  1. You're now measuring windows in meters?!?!

    I dig Gare's shirt, looking sharp