Saturday, June 1, 2013


Is there anything better than a wedding?!  I love weddings...the first wedding I remember was when I was 5 years old and I was a a flower girl. What made this wedding memorable (other than the fact that it was in the gorgeous Grace Cathedral in San Francisco) was the fact that when I used the restroom, just before walking down the aisle, I dropped my long pink velvet sash into the toilet and it had to be cut off into a stubby incarnation of its former self!  (Oh those were some sad wedding photos!)
But I really do love weddings...first you go through the phase of your own wedding and your peers weddings.  Those are lots of fun because you are young, you are with all your friends, you get to party, there is always the possibility that you will catch the bouquet or garter...I know you all remember those weddings!  But then there is a different type of wedding when you are older...the weddings of the next generation - whether it is your children...or your children's friends.  And those weddings are great for another reason.  It is just so wonderful to see these young adults embarking on the next phase of their lives...all the hopes, the fun, the good times (and a few tears and struggles too) ahead of them.  I think there is just something so hopeful about seeing this next generation starting their lives together.  Somehow it makes me so nostalgic at weddings as I reminisce about that period of time in my own life.  Gary and I have a habit (I don't know when or where it just did!) where we hold hands and give a good squeeze right when the bride and groom say "I do"...I guess it is our little way of renewing our own wedding vows at each wedding we attend.  As we recently celebrated our 33 wedding anniversary, I guess it works!
So how does a post about weddings connect to a post about Paris?  Well, we are  heading to Paris in a few days for the wedding of our god-daughter, Dani, to Nash!  Two of my favorite things; weddings and Paris all in one neat bundle!  Oh...let me add another "favorite thing" into this wonderful cocktail of fun...old friends!  You see, Dani's parents are our dear old friends, Russ and Adrienne (we go back 30+ years)...and we will be flying to Paris together and spending 14 days in France together for the wedding!  I can't think of anything better than being in my favorite city in the world with special people for the wedding of someone very is the perfect trifecta of "wonderful"!
Oh...that couple at the top of the page...they are on their way to Paris in 3 days to squeeze hands and renew their vows!
Je t'aime Paris (and Gary too!)

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  1. So Mom, do all of the Hunts have interesting wedding stories involving bathrooms? Or is that just you and me?

    And considering that I am very familiar with the majority of your readership here, I think some may be confused by your claim that we "all remember those weddings" we attend when we are young. I'm looking at you brothers, cousins, and Uncle Ron... Ah hell, that probably goes for Dad, Russ, and some of the EF ladies too!