Friday, June 7, 2013


I love the d'Orsay...partly for the beautiful artwork and partly for the architecture.  The building was originally a train station and the space is just spectacular inside...big and open with awesome HUGE clocks at each end and huge barrel shaped glass is really a work of art in itself.  Plus it is located right across the street from the Seine...location, location, location!

As you can't take any photos of the artwork,  I only got these clock photos!  Oh wait, there is one more photo of Adrienne and me resting after covering  3 floor of Inpressionist art work:

This was the most amazing piece of furniture I ever sat  on!  Russ and Gary had to literally pull us out of thise huge comfy leather "nest" we were in!  All that museum work certainly meant we deserved another cafe visit, right?  This time we had "coca light" (diet coke) served with 2 ice cubes each!   Sufficiently refreshed, we parted ways and made our separate ways home.  We only had a 2 block walk, R & A had another experience that involved closed RER train stations and some Metro mix ups...I think they could have actually walked home faster than the public transit!  We were all so tired (jet long can I keep blaming that!?) that we all took naps and actually woke up feeling so much better...ready to take on the world (or at least dinner together!). While we drank wine and ate cheese in our apartment, we waited from the Belmont group as to the dinner plan.  Russ texted us that he had made reservations for 10 of us at Boui, Boui up in their neighborhood.  This is a good point to introduce the full cast of characters.  
 First up is Dani and Nash...the whole reason we are here!  Next Friday they will be getting married at  "the chateau"!
 This is Rob and Allison...they are Dani and Nash's best friends!
 This is Brittney (youngest of the lovely Belmont girls) and Will, her boyfriend.
 Russ and Adrienne...proud parents of the the bride...and our dear old friends.  I think I better be careful when I say "old" friends...Adrienne's birthday is June 7!  I honestly mean "long-time" friends!
And this photo I just love...look at how Russ is looking at sweet is that!?
Ok...ready for a group shot from our dinner at Boui, Boui?  At this restaurant the waitresss spoke basically no english, so I had to read the menue to the group...I think there might be a photo of that too!

 Food was delicious (as was the wine) and the restaurant was fun.  When we were done eating we wanted to keep the fun going, so we wandered until we could find a bar that could accomodate all 10 of us.  Eventually we did find one and we took over the entire upsstairs...cocktails were amazing; I think all of the ladies had one kind of a champagne cocktail or another...each more delicious than the nest!  And the glasses were the most amazing,longest stemmed champagne flutes I have ever seen.  I'm just sorry I didn't get a photo of the glass-ware...guess I was too busy enjoying my scrumptous cocktail!
At his point we decided it was time for us to part with the youngsters and head home...boarded the Metro and were home in bed at 1:30!

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